The Vineyards in Bloom and Other Flora as Well

During our wine tours in Israel over the Passover holiday we visited many of the wineries we enjoy and encountered the vineyards coming to life with the leaves having sprouted a few weeks prior, the branches growing and the clusters already budding. Walking amongst the vines at this time of year one a feeling of rejuvination as we so often experience during the springtime. A stroll in the vineyard also provides a sense of the yearly winemaking cycle.

The Budding Grape Clusters on the Vine

In addition to the vines we came accross other budding fruit trees nearby to the vineyards such as olive trees where the olives bud somewhat similarly to the vines....

Olives Budding on the Trees in the Springtime

...and the Pomegranite trees where you can notice the small buds that eventually grow into the large red crowned fruit we are familiar with...

Pomegranates Budding on the Trees in the Sprintime

The Harvests

The grapes will ripen in July toward the harvest which on the average begins in August but can vary a few weeks here and there.

The pomegranates will ripen towards Rosh HaShanah the Jewish new year whic falls in September but varies as well.

The olive harvest is usually in November but can begin in October or stretch till December.

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