The 2019 Harvest is Underway

The annual harvest in Israel is a special time. It usually takes place in August - September. The wineries work hard during this time when days start with pre-dawn grape picking. The grapes are processed right away so that the fermentation process can begin. Constant care and monitoring will be required over the next few weeks to make sure that everyhing goes well.

On a wine tour in Israel during the harvest season the focus is still on winetasting and meeting the people at the wineries but with some luck you may end up at a winery during the day where some winemaking activity may still be taking place even though most of the work is done by early morning.

Below is a video of a recent visit to one of the wineries where the grapes were being sorted. It was a communal activity done with a sense of gladness and joy in anticipation of another fine vinatge of Israeli wine.

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