Israeli Wines for the Passover Seder

Updated: Mar 21, 2018

Many people want to know what the best wine is for the #Seder. Wine aficionados will weigh in with their opinion while many others just want a lighter #sederwine with low alchohol (wine aficionados too - at least part of the time - but they won't admit it :).

There is no getting away from the fact that the finer Israeli red wines naturally have higher alchohol in most cases but you may want to check to see which have less (sometimes it is intentional so).

One can divide the issue in two. Which wines you will use for the Four Cups and which wine for the meal. For many there is not a lot of time to pay attention to the ongoings at the Seder and to appreciate and enjoy fine wine at the same time. There is also not a lot of time to let the wine open and breath unless one has remembered during the hectic preparations to open the wine in the late afternoon.

The goal is then to have something not to heavy but flavorful and that opens up quickly. Two options come to mind. One option is lighter blends that are less barrel aged made for simpler easy drinking. Examples of this are Odem Forest from Odem Mountain Winery in the northern Golan Heights, and Domain Netofa from the Netofa Winery in the Lower Galilee, both tasty, lighter, and pleasant.

A step up would be the MAIA Red from the Tulip Winery, pleasant and easy going, and the new Alpha and Nahalal red blends from Jezreel Valley.

Another option is to go a bit higher to some of the blends that are very enjoyable but made to go down smooth and are full of nice flavors. A few that come to mind are Judean Hills Red from Tzora, Classico from Flam, and Espero from Tulip. If you prefer varietals then the Cabernet or the Merlot from Tzuba will do a fine job. The Lueria Rosso can do a fine job for lighter Italian blend. A step higher would be the Latour Netofa which is a Rhone blend that can also fit nicely, and Jezreel Adumim, an Israeli blend made Mediterranean style.

This is just one way to go. The more subtle route. Others will prefer the big and bold for the 4 cups, and others, even the higher end people, may go with the low end such as the Carmel Selected. They can go down light and do the job for the four cups.

The debate will go on..... Enjoy!

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