Growth and Ripenning of the Grape Clusters

It is always a good opportunity to take advantage of the opportunity to visit the vineyards during a wine tour in Israel. No matter what time of year it is and regardless of the season you can learn about the cycle of the vineyard. It adds an appreciation to the wine tasting experience which is really what the wine tour is all about - enjoying fine wine at Israel's fine wineries.

The growing season in Israel ranges from around the end of March until August. Each year can differ and blossoming and rippenning can move a few weeks up or down the calendar. Even when the the grapes look fully grown and the custers fully formed the grapes are not yet ready for harvesting. The grapes continue to increase their sweetness and the winemaker will determine at what point he wants to harvest the grapes to achieve the results he is looking for.

Below is a slide show of the different stages of growth. The photos were taken this past year over the entire growing season with some of the photos at different stages taken at the same vine.

Since we are now in the harvest season the following photos are organized in reverse order so that the first photo is of the ripenned grape clusters and the last photo is of the budding vine. To get a sense of the growth process and developement of the cluster go the the end and view the phots in reverse order.

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