Israel Welcomes the Giro d'Italia

Updated: May 1, 2018

Which Vineyards will the Giro Pass nearby?

The second most popoular bike race in the world after the Tour de France will be starting it's first three days in Israel before continuing to Italy, finishing in Rome on Sunday May 27th. The Giro d'Italia is watched by hundreds of millions of viewers globally. It will include 22 international teams. The Israeli contingent - the Israel Cycling Academy - was founded by a Canadian philanthropist and recent Oleh, together with two Israeli's. To compete on the European continental circuit Israel with 2 homegrown riders, recruited a number of international riders to it's team as it developes a cadre of home grown Israeli cyclists. The 4x Tour de France winner Chris Froome with Team Sky will be riding in an unusual attempt to win the triple crown of bike racing having already won the La Vuelta of Spain. The last tripple crown was achieved 35 years ago.

Stage 1

Jerusalem - Friday, May 4th

Time trials through the streets of Jerusalem passing many of the cities major landmarks.

Stage 2

Haifa - Tel Aviv, Saturday May 5th

* Vineyards: The riders will pass near Shefaya on Rt. 70 as they turn into Zichron Yakov. Some very nice Syrah grows there and is used by #JezreelValley. After the turn they will pass near the old Carmel Winery.

Stage 3

Beersheva - Eilat, Sunday May 6th

* Vineyards: Over the past few years a number of quality vineyards have been planted on the Negev Desert and some will be near or a bit off the the route that the Giro will follow on its way doen to Eilat. Some are small vineyards adjacent to small remote ranches that can be found in the region, places such as Nachal Boker Farm and Carmei Avdat Farm which has a winery. Others larger vineyards located a fewe minutes off the road near near Mitzpe Ramon and are a good source of quality grapes, often white varieties such as Viognier, Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay. The Midbar Winery focuses on these vineyards, and even wineries such as Pelter in the Golan Heights chooses its Chanin Blanc from the Mitzpe Ramon area.

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