Wine Tours in Israel on a Rainy Day: Always a Good Time of Year for a Wine Tour in Israel

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Israel is blessed with many fine and interesting wineries. They are always worth visiting. Season and weather ought not be a facor. A visit to a winery is primarily about the wine tasting experience. That is the number one consideration. If there are wines to taste and someone to host you, you should go!

A wine tour in Israel, and in most places, is about exploring various wine regions, tasting the wines of the region and learning about them. It is also about travel - exploring some of the other aspects of the region - particularly the scenery, the roads, the park land, and visiting other artisinal producers that represent the land and the people of the region. This can be done in most weather as well.

Occasionally there will be some added things going on when you visit a winery regardless of the season. If it's the harvest season, you may catch some of the grapes coming in from the vineyard and being processed. Other times of year you may see the bottling or the labeling, or pallets being prepared for shipment. Sometimes you may see the barrel's being prepared, filled, cleaned, etc. Even if you do not encounter any of these, there may be a new wine or two that were just released. And sometimes you will hear about the latest developments at the winery and that can be interesting. Most of these are not weather related.

Weather should not be a reason to impede embarking on or enjoying a day visiting the wineries. The wineries have air conditioned and heated tasting facilities. If it is a nice day you may be able to take advantage at some of the wineries which have outsoor seating if you choose to do so and enjoy your tasting sitting outdoors. But while there are many advantages of beautiful weather that can contribute to the enjoyment of your day, on a cold or rainy day you will also have a very good time inside in a warm faciity which can even enhance the conversation. During a heat wave you can keep comfortable in an air conditioned tasting room.

This a a tasintg room photo taken during a very serious and extended downpour. You can tell how comfortable it was inside. A number of people were sitting on the other side of the room and a nice older couple stopped in for a quick taste of a few wines inorder to purchase a bottle to take home. The heavy downpour pounded the roof and was very lound. Yet we all enjoyed the moment and it will remain a memorable day at the winery.

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